AirBit Club (BitBackOffice) Review – Scam or Legit?

As you can precisely derive from the title of this review, AirBit Club is something other than a beguiling Ponzi conspire that ought to be kept away from. Additionally contaminating and discoloring the authenticity of the cryptographic money domain, AirBit Club has left an enormous wake of casualties all through Russia and Colombia. While you start to move your way through our itemized review, you will amass the actualities important to check that is an online goal that can’t be trusted.

About AirBit Club

AirBit Club is a far-reaching crypto related wander that depends on a subsidiary level. Imminent candidates intrigued with this program can progress toward becoming subsidiaries through and can enlist with 1 of the 3 participations advertised.

As indicated by their site, AirBit Club was established with the mission of giving “bleeding edge innovation using imaginative apparatuses to guarantee that exchanging potential is amplified and that way increment bitcoin conveyances to all members.”

Intolerance terms, the asserted objective of this activity is to furnish financial specialists with a chance to gather more income in Bitcoin.

Additionally uncovered on the site would be an incomplete plan of action, where the main undeniable wellspring of wage revealed would be by the individuals who store into their stage, to begin with, one of their participation.

As the site claims, “half of the bitcoins will be part among all club individuals and half will be utilized to expand the energy of exchanging, likewise to harden our business associations with organizations committed to the development of innovation to exchange digital currencies.”

While some reference to the venture of kept assets is indicated on the site, customer criticism will uncover the opposite and go ahead to demonstrate that when stood up to, AirBit Club declines to give straightforward confirmation in understanding to their announcement.

Who is Behind

Likewise with most dishonest Ponzi plans, AirBit Club neglects to give any proprietorship data. Not exclusively do they neglect to uncover any identifiable or corporate substance however they are expressly obscure about their operational model. Moreover, a WHOIS inquiry will go ahead to demonstrate that was secretly enlisted which makes it unimaginable for us to find their makers.

One obsolete review that went on the record against AirBit Club had unveiled that Mr. Gutemberg and Renato Rodriquez were the prime supporters behind this plan. Regardless of whether these two elements are genuinely in charge of we are dubious because of the absence of data on their site now. is a retirement fund of question marks and warnings.

Taking portion of the store estimation of new individuals and dispensing them to already settled individuals is a course book case of a Ponzi conspire. Concerning other half that is purportedly contributed and used to cover up associations with other technologic crypto organizations we are very questionable, indeed, because of the absence of straightforwardness we expect that the designers behind this site are keeping those stores for themselves.