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Aquatic Special Interest

New at the Pool!

Bored with your current workout routine? Check out our new Workout Library. Choose from a variety of distances, try some new drills and push yourself with challenging sets that can be “checked out” at any time! Build endurance and perfect your technique while you mix up your fitness schedule! Send your favorite workouts to Kris at to have them added to the collection.

Workout Library is located in the Main Pool.

Pre-Competitive 5 & 6 Year Olds!

10 sessions for 5 & 6 year olds working on all strokes, starts, and turns!
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-6:45pm
Fee $60 Member~$95 Nonmember
April 18-May 18



Pre-Comp is offered in the Fall – September through December and Spring – March through May. 
 Pre-Comp is for children who have a basic understanding of all strokes and can swim an entire length of the pool.  Children will work on developing strokes, technique, starts, and turns.
* Children should have passed a level 4 youth swim lesson class or equivalent.

Fee: $70 Member~$115 Nonmember 

8 and Under and 10 and Under

12 and Under and 14 and Under


 Special Interest Summer Camp

Boat Camp Ages 9-12

Learn how to Kayak and Canoe and some boating safety and minor first aid skills.  Camp will meet at Camp Shand for the last day of camp. Must provide own transportation.

Tuesday-Thursday 9-12pm
Fee: $55 Member   $85 Nonmember

August 22-24