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Get Fit Now!

Upcoming Events


Mid-Summer Insanity on June 28 from 6-7pm

4th of July Fit-Fire-Work Classes

  • 8:30am – Spin & Body Combat
  • 9:15am – Body Pump & Body Vive
  • 10am – Body Flow

Members Stay Movtivated this Summer!

Summer Member Challenge will begin on June 21.  This challenge is for any member 18 years or older.  Challenge runs from June 21 to August 21.  Register online or at the front desk beginning on June 1.

Beat the Heat Member Challenge

With summer in full swing, it’s time to stay on track with our Beat the Heat Cardio Challenege.  Simply record your cadiovascular exercise minutes in the binder provided from July 1-31.  You could win a free t-shirt or a 30min facial.  For more information contact the fitness department staff at ext 246.


Monthly Expresso Bike challenges create fun and friendly competitions that bring out the best in you and your competitors! Check with fitness center staff ext 246 for more information.