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Special Interest

Fall 1: September 11-October 29 (7 weeks)
Fall 1 Registration Dates
Members: August 16; Nonmembers: August 23

Fall 2: October 30-December 17 
(7 weeks)
Fall 2 Registration Dates
Members: October 11; Nonmembers: October 18


Fitness Special Interest Classes

NEW! Barbell Basics

Ever wanted to learn how to use a barbell and know more multiple uses for it? This class is structured around learning how to use a barbell and learning form from movement. Limit of 4 people  per session.
Tuesday & Thursday 9-10am
Fee: $110/member; $130/nonmember

NEW! Corrective/Posture (Fall 2)

This class will help to improve your form when you are working out but also help to correct posture. Movements taught in this class are great to use before you do any exercise, sport or even certain activities.
Thursday 7-8pm
Fee: $40/member; $60/nonmember

NEW! R.I.P.P.E.D (Fall 2)

A class for cardio, resistance, intervals, power, plyo and endurance training. Nutrition tips will be provided.
Wednesdays 7-8pm
Fee: $40/member; $60/nonmember

NEW!  TBC:Total Body Conditioning (Fall 2)

This calls is geared to the ones who want to improve their cardiovascular and power endurance. We will prepare the participants physically to become triathlete or compete successfully in the outdoor races.
Tuesday 6-7 pm
Fee: $40/member; $60/nonmember

NEW! Women’s Self Defense

This class is the most straightforward war to avoid dangerous situations and protect yourself. It’s always better to avoid attacks than to go through one and attempt to survive. We will cover numerous ways to avoid and navigate dangerous situations.
Thursdays 6:15-7:45pm
Session 1: Oct. 5-26 (4 week session)
Session 2: Nov. 9-30 (4 week session)
Fee: $50/member; $70/nonmember


Get ready to tone your ABS and GLUTES! That’s right, 30 minutes of isolation and toning your midsection & targeting your glutes.
Tuesday 9:05-9:35am
Wednesday 9:15-9:45am
Saturday 9:15-9:45am
Fee: $30/member; $50;nonmember

Functional 50+

Looking for ways to meet new friends or motivation to get moving? Join us in a low impact exercise program designed to accommodate the need of active older adults focusing on posture work, strength and  resistance training.
Tuesday 9-9:45 am
Fee: $35/member; $62/nonmember

Kettlebell (Fall 2)

A 45 min. class to give fast results for strength,endurance, and muscle toning.
Wednesday 6-7 pm
Fee: $40/member; $50/nonmember


Using exercise drumsticks, a drumming workout mixing cardio and strength.
Thursday 6-7pm
Fee: $30/member; $50/nonmember

PWR! Moves (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery)

Starts with cardio interval training followed with repetitive training of four foundational skills. Participants will use exercise to target symptoms that interfere with everyday movement.
Monday & Friday 11:30am-12:30pm OR Wednesday 7-8pm OR Tuesday & Thurday 6:30-7:30am
Fee:$100/member; $120/nonmember

Team Fitness

Work with  a committed team for 45 minutes  intervals and 15 minutes  strength.
Monday 7-8pm
Fee: $40/ member; $60/n

Women’s Cardio Strength

Great body sculpting classics like lunges, squats and push-ups are combined with cardio and core conditioning for 60 minutes.
Tuesday & Thursday 7-8pm
Fee: $62/members; $82/nonmembers

LRC Sports Conditioning

Improve athletic performance. speed, strength and power and reduce the risk of injuries.  For a team or individual. For details, contact