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Special Interest

Spring 2: April 17 – June 4
Spring 2 Registration: Members March 29; Nonmembers April 5 

NEW! Beginner Country Line Dance (Ages 12 & older)

Put on your boots and learn step, 21 basic beginner line dances in 7 weeks. 3 dances per week. Step sheets will be handed out as well as a video sent to you each week. Great stress relief/mood changer!! Burn calories while dancing to your favorite country sings. (Doesn’t feel like exercise to me- Just LOTS OF FUN!!) Designed for ages 12 years and up. It isn’t as hard as it looks! Start the year off with something new!!
Fee: Member $45; Nonmember $65
Tuesday 7-8:30pm

NEW! Boxing Fitness 

Ab excellent workout for cardio, strength, and stamina while creating a stronger core. Varied fitness equipment used for every class.
Fee: $40 Member; $65 Nonmember
Tuesday 6-7pm

NEW! CoreFit

Get ready to tone your ABS and GLUTES! That’s right, 30 minutes of isolation and toning your midsection & targeting your glutes.
Fee: $30/Member; $40/Nonmember

Monday 10:30-11am 
Tuesday 10:15-10:45am
Wednesday 9:15-9:45am
Thursday 5:15-5:45pm 

Functional 50+

Looking for ways to meet new friends or motivation to get moving? Join us in a low impact exercise program designed to accommodate the need of active older adults focusing on posture work, strength and  resistance training.
Fee: Member $32; Nonmember $62
Tuesday 9-9:45 am


A 45 min. class to give fast results for strength,endurance, and muscle toning.
Fee: Member $32; Nonmember $62
Wednesday 6-7 pm

LRC Sports Conditioning

Improve athletic performance. speed, strength and power and reduce the risk of injuries.  For a team or individual. For details, contact


Using exercise drumsticks, a drumming workout mixing cardio and strength.
Fee: $30 Member; $50 Nonmember $50
Thursday 6-7pm

PWR! Moves (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery)

Starts with cardio interval training followed with repetitive training of four foundational skills. Participants will use exercise to target symptoms that interfere with everyday movement.
Fee: Member $100; Nonmember $120
Monday & Friday 1-2pm OR Monday & Wednesday 7-8pm OR Tuesday & Thurday 6:30-7:30am OR
Tuesday & Thursday 1-2pm

NEW! Rock Steady Boxing 

Boxing class will help fuel the fight against Parkinson’s Disease by improving daily quality of life and even building impressive power, strength, flexibility, and speed!

Fee: Member $175; Nonmember $195
Monday and Thursday 2:30-4pm

Team Fitness

Work with  a committed team for 45 minutes  intervals and 15 minutes  strength.
Fee: $40 Member; $60 Nonmember
Monday 7-8pm

TRX Circuit (Cancelled for Spring 2)

A 45 minute class with timed interval sets of TRX and/or agility drills & body weight exercises. This class will combine TRX with kettlebells, medicine balls, and BOSU exercises.
Fee: $35 Member; $62 Nonmember
Saturday 8:15-9am

TRX For Seniors (Cancelled for Spring 2)

This class will increase your strength, flexibility, promote mobility & stability, and develop core strength. New TRX users are encouraged to attend this suspension body weight training exercise program.
Fee: $32 Member; $62 Nonmember
Thursdays 10-10:45am

Women’s Cardio Strength

Great body sculpting classics like lunges, squats and push-ups are combined with cardio and core conditioning for 60 minutes.
Fee: Member $62; Nonmember $82
Tuesday & Thurday 7-8pm

Body & Mind Classes

Has been canceled for Spring 2. We will offer it again in the summer. Thank you for understanding.

Stressed out? Learn to relax Thru Tai-Chi. This program will introduce Tai-Chi for health, self defense and art. The student will first learn a 37 movement Chi Gong and then move on the move on the Yang Family 120 movement from.
Fee:  $40 Member; $60 Nonmember
Wednesday 6:45-7:45pm