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recCARES Cancer Recovery Program – UPMC Pinnacle joins Littiz recCenter in support of new program 

Lititz recCenter is launching recCARES, a Cancer Recover Support program to help cancer survivors thrive! UPMC Pinnacle recently joined Lititz recCenter with support for a spring 2018 pilot program to engage community members who are currently receiving treatment for cancer.
recCARES at Lititz recCenter emphasizes the physical aspects of cancer recovery during treatment. Often treatment, surgery, or other cancer interventions limit a patient’s physical activity. Once in recovery, regaining motion, strength, coordination and flexibility is just as important as – and is beneficial to – restored mental and emotional health for cancer survivors who are building their way back to health.
Low impact movement, exercise, balance and flexibility are at the core of the program, however, social and emotional support for cancer patients will also be a benefit of group programs. recCARES participants will have the chance to work with a Lititz recCenter Ambassador who is trained and certified to coach and plan a successful recovery program with individuals. Participants can tailor their physical recovery plan to meet their goals and timeline, and progress at their own pace as their treatment plan allows.
Participants who are cancer survivors, currently in treatment, with a physician’s referral to recCARES, will be eligible for the program for up to 12 weeks. In this time, a patient will develop a plan for independent and continued progress toward their recovery beyond recCARES. There will be no charge to referred patients to participate in the first 12 weeks of select group classes, indoor walking, and up to two personal training sessions with certified staff at Lititz recCenter.
Lititz recCenter staff are looking forward to this unique opportunity to work with recCARES participants in a friendly and supportive program tailored to the patients’ special needs. For more information about eligibility for the recCARES program, contact Simon, Lititz recCenter Fitness Director at simonababou@lititzrec.com or 717-626-5096 x239.

NEW! 6 Week Fix

You will enjoy the following weekly:
-2 group personal training sessions
-Nutrition challenges and tips
-Boxing Club, yoga classes
-Access to all group fitness and spin classes
-Full access to the LrC facility
-15% off purchases of spa services or personal training sessions
-Access to Les Mills Virtual classes

For more details contact Simon Ababou simonababou@lititzrec.com or 717-626-5096 ext. 239.
October 22-November 28

Mondays 6-7pm & Wednesdays 7-8pm 
Fee:$130/member; $155/nonmember


Performance Training and Nutrition Coaching for Athletes

This training is designed to improve the physical demands of sport on and off the field. The goal is to develop a more dynamic transfer from the weight room to the field and work on the speed, power and mobility. You will optimize long-term athletic development and sport specific training. Nutrition coaching will be added to boost your results, maximize performance, recovery and repair. One-on-one or group sessions available. To schedule an appointment, contact Simon Ababou simonababou@lititzrec.com or 717-626-5096 ext. 239.

Family Nutrition Counseling

Want to improve the overall nutrition of your entire family, but find it challenging to meet each individual’s needs? Meet the dietician for a one hour initial consultation to discuss your family’s goals and needs. By appt. 626-5096 ext. 239.
Fee: $62/Member Family; $84/Nonmember Family

Individual Nutrition Counseling

This is a healthy eating plan with an initial consultation and weekly coaching sessions. This program is designed to help you gradually incorporate healthy lifestyle habits in nutrition. By appointment 626-5096 ext. 239.
Fee: 1 hour  $52/Member; $64/Nonmembers 
½ hour  $26/Member; $32/Nonmembers