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Fitness Youth

Fall 1: September 11-October 29 (7 weeks)
Fall 1 Registration Dates
Members: August 16; Nonmembers: August 23

Fall 2: October 30-December 17 
(7 weeks)
Fall 2 Registration Dates
Members: October 11; Nonmembers: October 18


Fitness Youth Classes


Jump Starter (Ages 7-12)

Your child will be motivated and lead through an array of fun & simple physical activities. Kids will love the fitness games, stretches, jump-kicks * yoga.
Mon. 5:15-6:00 pm
Fee: $40/member; $60/nonmember

Speed & Agility for Young Athletes (Ages 12-18)

A conditioning program to improve power, strength, endurance, explosiveness, balance & flexibility to prevent injuries.
Tuesday & Thursday 5-6pm
Fee: $50/member; $70/nonmember

NEW! Kids Functional (Ages 7-12)

This class will give the chance to the kids to use the synergy functional training equipment in the fitness center. Kids will learn how to use the kettlebells, battle ropes, resistance bands, TRX and hand weights. 
Tuesdays 6:15-6:55pm
Fee: $40/member; $60/nonmembers 

Conditioning for Competitive Swimmers

A training to develop endurance, power and quickness! The program will include workouts for core and functional fitness exercises. For more details contact Simon or 717-626-5096 ext. 239.