Fall 2: October 29-December 16

Dance Classes

Kids Ballet 1 (Ages 3-5)           

Children will learn the ballet basics, including classroom etiquette, dance vocabulary and technique. Students will use creative movement to tell stories and go on dance adventures.
Saturdays 9:30-10:15am
Fee: $60/member; $75/nonmember

Kids Ballet 2 (Ages 5-7)

This class is geared towards students who have had at least 1 year of dance or have graduated from Kids Ballet-1. Students will expand Ballet vocabulary by focusing on technique in center floor and traveling across the room. Children will learn choreography and be encouraged to create their own combination of movements.
Saturdays 10:15-11am
Fee: $60/member; $75/nonmember

Kids Dance Party (Ages 6-12)

Kids will learn fast paced movement sequences with Jazz, Hip Hop, and Freestyle influences sure to keep them sweating and smiling.
Saturday 11-11:45am
Fee: $60/member; $75/nonmember


2019 Dance Season – Drop in Open House Saturday August 25th 12pm-1pm

Program will start on August 27th 

This program offers dancers the opportunity to study for a 15 week commitment for dancers who wish to improve and develop technique, build relationships and perform costumed showcase on Dec. 15th 2pm at the rec. Dancers are asked to come in proper attire & practice respectful classroom etiquette weekly. Dancers will wear a uniform of pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers, and black leotard with hair neatly back in a bun.  Please contact Michelina at for level placement or any other dance related questions.

TTD Level 1 (ages 3-6)

This level is for our tiniest beginner dancers . Dancers will study beginner ballet & tap. Students will learn basic ballet and tap technique, creative movement and choreography. They will experiment with improvisation, character studies, sing-a-long and movement games.
TTD1A (Ages 3-4): Wednesdays 4:45pm-5:45pm
Fee: $125/member;$150/nonmember

TTD 1B (Ages 5-6): Wednesdays 5:45pm-7pm
Fee: $160/member; $185/nonmember

TTD Level 2 (ages 6-8)

Dancers will study beginner and intermediate level ballet & tap technique, contemporary dance and choreography. Students are required to have studied dance for at least 1 year prior to participating in this level. Students will elaborate on basic dance technique by utilizing diverse rhythm and movement patterns; learn basic barre, center floor & traveling exercises. They will be responsible for learning choreography and experiment with improvisation and telling stories with dance.
TTD 2A (Ages 6-8): Tuesdays 4:30pm-6pm
Fee: $200/member; $225/nonmember

TTD 2B (Ages 6-8) invite only: Tuesdays 5:30pm-7pm
Fee: $200/member;$225/nonmember 

TTD Level 3 A & B (8-Teen)

Dancers will study intermediate ballet, pointe, contemporary and jazz funk. Students must complete level 2 or have more than 2 years of dance prior to participating in the level. Students will continue with barre, center floor and traveling across the floor as well as preparing for pointe shoes. In contemporary students will dance barefoot to experiment with creating stories & shapes with their bodies in space. They will be responsible for learning choreography and developing improvisational skills. Students are encouraged to attend classes with level 4 (Monday 4:30-6pm) as well as normal class time.
Tuesdays 6pm-8pm
Fee: $325/member; $350/nonmember

TTD Level 4 (Teen-Adult)

Dancers will study advanced intermediate ballet, pointe and contemporary. Students must complete level 3 or have more than 3 years of prior dance training to participate in this level. Students will practice advanced barre, center floor and traveling exercises in each technique. They will be challenged to further their skills with choreography & improvisation. Students are encouraged to attend classes with level 3 (Tuesday 6-8pm) as well as normal class time.
Mondays 4:30pm-7pm
Fee: $325/member; $350/nonmember

TTD Jazz Funk (Teen-Adult)

Students will move to upbeat rhythms, working on body isolation, floor work, and improvisation. Dancers will experience Jazz Funk, Musical Theater and Hip Hop dance techniques.
Tuesdays 7-8pm
Fee: $125/member;$150/nonmember

$12 drop-in per class fee

TTD Adult Contemporary

Adults and students ages 14 and up will experience fluid and expressive dance moves based in modern  technique. using classical training we will create unique movement patterns through space. Students will enjoy some body conditioning and stretch-flow as well as floor work and choreography.
Tuesdays 7-8pm
Fee: $125/member;$150/nonmember

$12 drop-in per class fee