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Winter Women’s Volleyball League Schedule

Women’s  Volleyball League Standings
Team Wins Losses
Balls to the Wall 3 0
Do Something 3 0
How to Kill a Blocking Nerd 3 0
Orville Ready Blockers 3 0
Dig It 0 3
Humperdinks 0 3
Smashing Pumpkins 0 3
Wallboy 0 3


Contact Maria, for any questions.

Hockey Leagues 

Adult Hockey Leagues

Contact Ron Stief or ext. 229 for more details and questions. 

Pickleball Leagues 

Advanced League: A player at the advanced level should know most of the rules and can easily keep score. This player has played pickleball regularly and uses all shots strategically. The soft game should be a focus for this player through the use of dinks and drop shots. The advanced player can easily serve and return and moves quickly toward the non-volley zone through the use of drop shots. This player is able to initiate and sustain the dinking part of the game while occasionally mixing it up to create advantages. An advanced player should have great hand eye coordination and possess very good mobility. Each player should register (Max 16 players). 7 Week Leagues.
November 1- December 20 (no play on Thanksgiving). Register by Oct. 25.
Fee: $35/members;$75/nonmembers
One time sub list fee of $5. Click here to register to be a sub.